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Recipe: Gluten- Free Spinach Ravioli August 20, 2012

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I made my first attempt at gluten-free ravioli recently, and it was much easier than I thought it would be!
I started with a GF Pasta Dough recipe~ I used a half recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoetstring, using just the egg white instead of a whole egg, since I wasn’t sure how else to halve it. I’m sure there are plenty of GF pasta dough recipes online as well.
I mixed the dough in my stand mixer, and then then used a pasta attachment to get long strips of rolled out dough. the whole thing took only like 5 minutes, which surprised me with how easy it was! if you don’t have a pasta roller, just roll it out flat.

then either stick the dough on a ravioli tray, which has little dips for the filling built in, or just lay it flat on the counter. and then add the fillings.

I used a mixture of 2 parts spinach to 1 part fresh basil. just get frozen spinach, and warm it up it warm water. just make sure to wring it out well. and I’ve found that mixing these two doesn’t work too well, with the spinach being wet and all. so it’s probably better to add the spinach and then the basil.

then use the egg yolk (or another egg) as an egg wash around the edges of the filling, so the top sheet of dough will stick to the bottom. and then lay the top layer on, and cut out the ravioli into the separate squares.

cook in boiling water for about 8 minutes.

I topped the ravioli in clarified butter sauce. this recipe is casein-free still at this point. if you wanted to add some fresh pecorino romano (sheep cheese with low casein), it’s a great topping.

another option is to add some soft goat cheese or chevre inside the ravioli (also low in casein), and then use a tomato or bolognese sauce.

or to keep it completely casein-free, use the spinach-basil filling with the tomato or bolognese sauce.

and of course, if all dairy is fine for you, you can stuff them with ricotta, and top them with fresh parmesan on top of whatever sauce you choose.

ravioli is fun in that you can really stuff them with anything that you want, and top them with anything that you want! the options are endless!

I will add as a side note that on my second attempt of making these, my dough was less successful~ it was stickier and didn’t roll out well. so I just made the best with what I had~ I flatten little pieces into small pancakes in the palms of my hands, put the stuff in, and pinched them together like little dumplings. and honestly, it worked just as well, and tasted almost the same. so don’t let the thought of ravioli overwhelm you. if something doesn’t work the way you’d like, just figure out another way to get it done!

this is a quick recipe, and well worth it, as ravioli isn’t something to get easily at the store when you’re gluten-free. particularly if you’re casein-free as well!

if you try these at home, let me know how it goes for you!


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