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Passover find of the year: Toasted Onion Matzo Squares March 27, 2013

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Although I’m not Jewish, I love Passover season. it’s a great time to find some fun and unique gluten-free foods!

my favorite find this year?¬† Yehuda brand GF Matzo-Style Squares, Toasted Onion flavor. pair it with some “Dunken Goat” cheese (both found at Whole Foods), and you have some of the best cheese and crackers ever!




Pizza Ranch March 26, 2013

Pizza Ranch has quickly become a favorite place for me to get gluten-free pizza. these specialty pizzas are only $10, which is amazing!! also included in that price is a soda/ beverage and the salad bar. amazing! it’s got a nice pizza buffet for the rest of your friends or family, which is similarly priced.

although I don’t eat dairy, which eliminates most GF pizza¬†restaurants for me, I love Pizza Ranch’s GF taco pizza, even without the cheese. it’s heaped full of toppings and tastes great. and seriously, $10?!

to top it off, I’ve always found the service there to be extremely helpful and friendly. I’ve had nothing but great experiences there. and there are tons of locations.

by the way, if you plan to go often, make sure you sign up for their rewards club!


Gluten Free Easter (and Passover) Candy March 21, 2013

I haven’t added any new posts in awhile, my apologies. but I did want to share this link for Gluten Free Easter Candy