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Don Pablos April 24, 2013

I tried going to Don Pablos a couple of years ago, but felt that they had a sketchy sense of what was gluten free, and there was no actual GF menu or list. so I didn’t end up going.

I recently saw somewhere that they now had a gluten free menu, so I checked it out, and it seemed quite extensive! I was really excited, as Mexican food is one of my favorites.

this weekend I went there to give it a try. at the Eden Prairie location, at least, they told me that the chips weren’t in a dedicated fryer, or at least that they couldn’t guarantee that was the case. however, they offered to bring me hard shell taco shells to break off and eat as chips. that was a really nice touch! the shells were even nice and warm. very tasty!

as for the meal, there were lots of options. I split a few things so I could try more. the carnitas were really good, you assemble them yourself like you do with fajitas. but enchiladas were not surprisingly my favorite, as I always love enchiladas! it was such a pleasant surprise to be able to have the red sauce for them!!

I didn’t inquire about any of the flavored margaritas or other fun Mexican beverages, next time I will try and do so. but I had a great experience! so if you’re looking for some good Mexican food, Don Pablos is back in the mix!


2 Responses to “Don Pablos”

  1. Hi Rebecca, I like the lay out of your blog. Can you please tell me if you are from the Chicago area? Do you know any gluten free bloggers who are? Thanks

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