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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Drunken Noodle May 2, 2013

I visited the Drunken Noodle in East Grand Forks, MN a few months ago. I’d heard that people seem to love the Fargo location. I didn’t have quite as good of an experience in EGF, but it could’ve just been a fluke.

they had a nice page-long list of gluten free meals. but when I asked, just to verify, if they use a fresh pot of water for the gluten free orders, the answer came back “no”. they of course did it for us after I requested. but just beware that if you go there, you should make sure to ask that question.

I also tried the fried rice. and both items I tasted were quite good. the rest of my party loved it, and it was perfectly fine for me.

I just get more hesitant when restaurants don’t seem to understand that they need a new pot and new water from the regular meals. it makes me wonder what else they don’t know… so I will probably stick with other restaurants in the Grand Forks area that I know and trust more. however, this could’ve just been a fluke, maybe the other cooks usually know better, I’m not sure.

the food is really tasty, and if you take precautions it could end up being a great option. just make sure to get more information when ordering.


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