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Recipe: (Gluten Free) Macaroni & Cheese May 3, 2013

Filed under: Cooking & Baking — rebeccagf @ 8:48 am

this is the easiest recipe and one of them most-requested dishes I make, no matter what the age.


16 oz package of (gluten free) pasta: I recommend Trader Joes GF Ziti for $2 a package

8 oz shredded cheese mixture (I mix 2 kinds of goat cheese: cojack and mild cheddar)


cook the pasta according to the package. strain with a plate over the edge of the pot (DON’T use a strainer, you need a tiny bit of watery liquid left with the noodles and a strainer is too efficient). then dump in the shredded cheese and mix while it’s still warm. and then it’s ready!

I used to make a whole fancy cheese sauce, and after a few failed attempts, just made it this way one day. it was so easy and tasted far better (and creamier somehow) than any of the fancier sauces did anyway! so keep it simple and enjoy!


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