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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

DeLeo Brothers Pizza May 30, 2013

I recently tried this place out with my parents, as they’re big fans of this restaurant. and I can definitely see why..  the staff was very friendly and helpful!

although the gluten free pizza crust wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, it’s just nice to find restaurants that make the effort! (the regular crust looked amazing, by the way.. for your friends and family that go with you) and these guys seem like they’ve really put the effort in, making sure their toppings are gluten-free as well. and I don’t believe that they charged any extra for the gluten-free crust, like so many others do. I believe what they told my mother was that they don’t think people should be punished for their allergies. this is really nice of them, as I know those GF pizza crusts can be a lot more expensive to buy.

another nice touch is that although we can’t do the regular cheese, we can do goat cheese. and they happen to have a goat cheese for their pasta that they shredded for us instead of the regular. so that was a treat as well!

as I said, I can see why my folks are big fans of DeLeo Bros. it’s a nice, family-owned restaurant that goes out of their way for their customers!


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