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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

La Casita September 11, 2013

after finding out that I could once again eat at Don Pablos, I got on a Mexican kick. I thought I’d read recently that La Casita might have some options. so I called the Roseville location. the man who answered told me that he himself was gluten-free, which I knew would be very helpful.

he said that much of the menu could be made gluten-free with corn tortillas. the red sauce (for enchiladas, my favorite) was also gluten free. and they do have an actual gluten free menu to look at.

but the best part for me was that he said all of the margaritas are gluten free AND the chips are made in a dedicated fryer!!

then I checked out the Columbia Heights location, and they too have a dedicated fryer. (if you want to go to any other locations, make sure they do too before eating the chips, I DON’Tbelieve that the chips are safe at the Coon Rapids location). and I’ve now been there many times. the gluten-free menu is quite large: two pages. and the food is just as good as I remembered!

if you go there, you should make use of the specials. Wednesdays after 7pm they have tacos for $1 (at least in Columbia Heights), and I believe all locations have a happy hour on weeknights with a free taco bar, including chips with multiple salsas, chili con queso, refried beans, veggies, etc. and all day Tuesday is half price margaritas (a whopping 18 ounces!!) also, there’s a rewards card and I got $5 on it just for signing up!

anyway, La Casita has great food and lots of specials. so definitely try it out if you’re near one and haven’t already!


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