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Nadia Cakes November 10, 2013

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Nadia Cakes isn’t a dedicated gluten free bakery, but they have a lot of great, unique, gluten free items, so they’re definitely worth mentioning!

On weeknights, they usually have chocolate and vanilla cupcakes on hand. but weekends are when the fun flavors come! (I’ve heard that that’s when they have time to scrub down the kitchen to reduce cross-contamination, though I haven’t verified that for myself).

the fun weekend GF flavors change all the time. one weekend when I stopped by, they had “lucky charms”, which had some sort of marshmallow filling. and a special Breaking Bad cupcake for the finale weekend, with some blue rock candy on top. the second time I stopped by we tried a raspberry cupcake, which had a cream cheese frosting and a raspberry filling, which was amazing!! I also tried the salted caramel one, which had, of course, a caramel filling. all of them were absolutely delicious, and I always wish that I’d bought more! the calendar of flavors is here.

they also had a little gluten-free cookie case. I missed it the first time, but on my second visit tried the butterscotch chocolate chip cookies. they were a little thin for my taste, but still tasted great. while the cupcakes cost $3 each, the cookies are only $2 each.

Nadia Cakes started in LA, and the owner, Abby, has appeared on several cake/ cupcake shows. she was even a winner on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. so they’ve got national attention. in fact, they only opened their second location, here in Maple Grove, MN, in 2012. but they already have quite a following!

if you check out their facebook page, you’ll see how fun and creative they are, but be warned that it’ll make your mouth will water 🙂


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