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Falafel King April 30, 2014

I checked out Falafel King recently, because they opened a rather new location near Lake Calhoun that I was interested in.

I love gyros, even if I can’t have the pita bread. although it turned out that the gyro meat was one of the only things that DOES have gluten in it (bread crumbs). upon recommendation of the manager, I ventured out and tried a lamb dish called Kofta. and it was really good! it came with a little tomato and cucumber salad (one of my favorites!) and it was only $1 extra for yellow rice on the side. the Kofta was like uncased sausages. I’m not particularly a fan of sausages or lamb, but this was really tasty. I’d definitely order it again.

the chicken shawirma and/or lamb shawirma are next on my list, also per his recommendation. it’s sliced pieces of chicken or lamb with garlic tahini sauce. tsaziki sauce can be substituted if you prefer it.

other things that are gluten free are the hummus, salads (no croutons or bread, of course), the baba ganouje, and I think the kabobs. make sure to stay away from the tabouli and spinach pie though, and all of the obvious breaded items.

I was told via email that the Falafel was gluten free as well. I don’t know much about falafels, but I thought that they were deep-fried, in which case it’s likely in the same fryer as the onion rings, chicken tenders, and cheese curds… so please check that out before ordering them.

they were very knowledgeable at the restaurant, as they make most of the items there. I will probably ask for the rundown each time I go for the first few visits still, as I usually do, before I’m sure that I have accurate information (sometimes different people tell you different things).

also, a quick note that they have breakfast items as well, which look largely gluten free!

it’s nice to have more quick food options that are gluten free! especially something a little different from the norm!


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