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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

McCoy’s Public House May 6, 2014

I recently discovered that McCoy’s Public House has an amazingly large (and robust) gluten- free menu.

it starts off slow, with a few starters, dips mainly. nothing that gets me too excited, but it’s nice that there are some choices. particularly if you go for a happy hour or something (they also have gluten free beer!)

and there are of course many salads to choose from, which don’t generally excite me too much either. however, the BLT salad was actually quite delicious. I may have to pick this up for lunch once in awhile. and it’s great that there are a couple of soups, especially for those cold winter days (tomato basil and bison chili).

and then from here, it really starts to pick up and get to the good stuff 🙂

the burgers have great varieties: beef, bison, turkey, chicken, salmon, even short rib! and great toppings: bacon, avocado, caramelized onions, wild mushrooms, aiolis and other fun sauces, tons of cheeses, etc. and they also come with gluten free buns!! the bison burger that I tried last time was amazingly juicy (for such a lean meat), and amazing! I think this will be my go-to, since I still dream about it!

they’ve also got several pizza options that are gluten free (margherita, pepperoni, carbonara, and bbq chicken).

and then for an amazing twist, they also serve gluten free mac & cheese! I haven’t tried it, but it looks rather gourmet and super cheesy. they give the option for you to add-in a ton of fun items too: caramelized onion, broccoli, peas, artichoke, spinach, roasted garlic, bacon, ham, white truffle oil, and that’s only about half of the options available! yum!

then come the entrees, like chicken, fish, short rib/ beef, etc. along with a nice list of veggie sides.

and it all ends with a sweet dessert of (gluten free) cookies and milk!

it’s such a robust gluten free menu that it feels like you’re reading the regular menu! it’s the epitome of accommodation, having options in every category of the menu, plus specialty noodles, pizza crusts, buns, cookies, etc. they go the extra 10 miles and make it a regular restaurant experience for their gluten free guests, and I very much appreciate it. plus it helps that their food is amazing, the atmosphere is great, and it’s in a prime location~ borderline suburbia (located in St Louis Park’s Excelsior & Grand) and just outside of Uptown and the lakes.


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