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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Erte October 24, 2014

Erte is located in Northeast Minneapolis, and has a quaint, atmosphere, perfect for a romantic evening out. it’s not a huge restaurant, so you may want to make reservations. particularly if you plan to dine while they have live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

it’s the kind of restaurant that likes to keep their menu fresh, and change it up. in fact, the menu they post online might not be exactly what they currently offer… but it will give you the idea of the types of things that they serve. and one constant that they’re known for is their steaks.

and while the menu may change, they should always have a version marked for what is or can be gluten free, so be sure to ask for that.

when I went, they had the most amazing polenta sticks. I love polenta sticks in general, though I’ve had some difficulty re-creating them at home, which then makes me appreciate them even more.. and these were the most amazing ones I’d ever tasted! usually I only find these at Brazilian steakhouses, just plain or with parmesan. but these had a quinoa coating of sorts, and an amazing dip to go with them. I couldn’t get enough of these, and hope that they become a menu regular!

as for the main entree, I couldn’t decide between the short ribs or the steak, and eventually decided on the steak. it was quite delicious, but I sort of wished I’d tried the short ribs, as it can be more unique with the various prep and sauce options. the risotto was also very tempting. I believe that I got the au gratin potatoes as my side, which was good, but different (and larger) than I’d expected. I think I’d probably try something new next time.

all in all, the regular menu is pretty small, so that means that the gluten free one is even smaller. but it’s filled with more meat- and veggie-based entrees, rather than burgers or lots of carbs, so you don’t miss out on too much. and it’s got every thing you need: apps, salads, steaks, and other entrees, and a nice variety of sides. so although it’s a short list of options, it’s actually enough.

Erte is a little pricey, so it’s great for a special night out. but it’s got delicious food, and the live music (which is surprisingly unique). so it makes for a great night out.


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