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Day Block January 15, 2015

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This is one of the most unlikely places I thought I’d find a gluten free menu. however, since friends of mine wanted to go, so I called ahead to check. and sure enough, they have a small gluten-free menu!

The reason I say that it was a longshot is because Day Block is one of the local breweries in town. and not the gluten free kind (as Burning Bros is in St Paul). but they do offer ciders and wine, if you want to drink something alcoholic while you’re there (which is more than I can say for a lot of the local breweries).

and as for their gluten free items, the main attraction is the pizza. although they offer a gluten free crust, it’s cooked in the same oven as the regular pizzas. it is on a separate pan, but then shares a pizza cutter. so if you’re not too concerned about the shared oven, I’d suggest getting one uncut, and just cut it with a knife and fork at you table, as you would in Europe.

they have bacon flights, and pickle flights. sometimes there are gluten-containing varieties (the soy sauce glaze on the pickles is out), so check with your server when you go to see if you can have them with the current menus of these (they sound like they change pretty frequently).

other options are the pulled pork sandwich, sans bun. or the caesar salad sans croutons. and there may be more items, depending on the current menu. so be sure to ask each time you go.

Breweries are about the last place I’d expect to find a gluten free menu, so I find it very thoughtful that they offer all of these fun items.