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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Stella’s Fish Cafe July 10, 2015

I always loved going to Stella’s, back when I was gluten free (particularly their rooftop area). but I hadn’t attempted it for many years, after my diagnosis. I just revisited it this week, and was blown away by all of the great gluten free options!! I figured there would be plenty of plain fish options, if nothing else. but the two-paged gluten free menu went well beyond that. it offered lobster bisque, which is a rarity to find gluten free. it also offered lobster rolls (on Udi’s buns), which I’d never heard of until after I’d been diagnosed, and have always wondered how they tasted..). they also offered a hot crab & spinach dip (with chips not fried there, if you order the GF version), which I definitely can’t wait to go back and try! and then many, many more items. I don’t personally enjoy sushi and sashimi, but there were plenty of those offered gluten free as well. another item that popped out at me, for my list to try later, was the stuffed salmon (stuffed with crab meat, shrimp, and brie). and don’t even get me started on the sides.. the loaded hashbrowns were delicious, and unfortunately I didn’t have room for the mashed potatoes, which were loaded with sour cream, chives, and garlic butter. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it!


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