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New Website October 12, 2016

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I may have mentioned once before that I have a second website, while the site you’re currently reading is more local to Minneapolis and the surrounding region, this new website was meant to be more national in scope. however, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve found it difficult to keep up with both and ended up updating neither!

to remedy that situation, I will be consolidating the two and updating just one going forward, with both regional interests and beyond, and that will be done on this platform gives me more flexibility with adding extra pages listing suitable restaurants to dine at, in a more organized manor. so there’s a tab each for Minneapolis/ St Paul area restaurants, non-MSP Minnesota restaurants, North Dakota restaurants, and one for chain restaurants as well. and each tab is organized by city, which I find much easier to reference, myself.

I hope you switch over and keep up with me still over there!


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