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Target Field: Minnesota Twins, Gluten-Free June 2, 2010

I recently went to a Twins game at Target Field. I was pleased to see some fun gluten-free snacks, so I thought I’d share.

here are some of the ones that I noticed, that should be gluten-free:

walking into the stadium, I first saw roasted nuts (cinnamon roasted, etc). shortly thereafter there was an Angie’s Kettlecorn stand. they walked through the stands of stadium selling Kettlecorn too, so you could get some during the game without leaving your seat. I didn’t see either of these listed online in their gluten-free foods, but I’ve never known either product to contain gluten. it would be prudent to double-check the ingredients and possible contaminants at each booth when you arrive, if these snacks are something you’d be interested in.  (post-script: Angie’s Kettlecorn is now listed on the website as being gluten-free)

when I check the Target Field website they list a host of other snacks, including veggie kabobs, shrimp skewers, turkey legs, pork chop on a stick, gelato, smoothies, Redbridge, and various bunless hot dogs. (see the link for details on items and where they can be found in the stadium).

I wanted to add some other items that were researched via email from Target Field. the regular popcorn, nacho chips and cheese sauce are both gluten-free, as are the Cracker Jacks, (Rachel’s) Kettle Chips , cotton candy, the Push Up Fruit Bars and Premium Ice Cream Bars, and the North Shore Creamery’s soft serve ice cream.

if you’re lucky enough to have seats in the Champions Club, which comes with an excellent dinner, there are many gluten-free options there. besides the usual fruit and salad, there are also several mixed vegetable salads. then there are various meats (steak, fish, etc) that you can have. my favorite item was a polenta cake with shredded chicken on top. be sure to have someone make these special for you though, because the mushroom gravy on it does contain wheat. several dessert options are also available, including (I believe) the bananas foster dessert~ I didn’t actually try this, although it smelled fantastic. just ask someone when you arrive, and they’ll likely have a chef show you everything that’s available for you.

it’s great to not only see so many gluten-free options at the stadium, but also that they went through and checked ingredients on their concessions in order to compile a list for us. it shows greater awareness and concern, which is appreciated!

if you have any more questions on items you think should be gluten-free, never hesitate to email people to find answers!