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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Dickie’s BBQ April 2, 2012

Dickie’s BBQ came to the Minneapolis/ St Paul metro awhile ago, but it’s been expanding it’s locations recently. here are their locations.

all of their meats are gluten free, except for the marinated chicken. all of the barbecue sauces are gluten free as well. and as for the sides, we can have the baked potatoes, coleslaw (my favorite!), the barbecue beans (also great, and I’m usually not a fan of beans), the green beans with bacon, potato salad, etc. ask the manager/ staff to go over all of the GF items for you to be sure.

my personal favorite so far are the ribs, which fall off the bones. I’ve also tried the pulled pork and chopped brisket, which were both excellent as well. a family member tried the turkey breast and was surprised at how good it was. I can’t wait to try more of them.

the only thing I wish I could change is that you can’t get a two- or three-meat platter including ribs, as it’s weight-driven. bummer.

I should also mention that if you don’t want an entire meat plate, complete with sides, I’ve also ordered just a sandwich without the bun, which is still quite a bit of meat.

and don’t forget your free ice cream as you leave!

if you haven’t been to Dickie’s BBQ, you should definitely try them out! it’s a very welcome addition!!


Roscoe’s BBQ July 28, 2010

I went to Roscoe’s BBQ in Rochester this past weekend, to finally check it out. they have two locations~ one is permanent and open year-round, and the other is seasonal, where you order outside the building and sit at one of the picnic tables in the parking lot. I went to the latter.

they told me that all the meats would be safe (always double-check for yourself, of course!), and that the BBQ sauce was gluten-free. I was prepared for a pulled pork sandwich (my favorite!), so I toasted up a piece of gluten-free bread and brought it with me. the pulled-chicken looked just as good. for ribs, you could order them one by one if you wanted, or by the half or full rack. and there were other meat options as well.

I didn’t end up getting any sides, but I believe there were several options that were gluten-free (the sides differ by location). I was told that the baked beans, green beans, potato salad, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, and black-eyed pea salad were all gluten-free.

what I liked about the menu is that you could order no sides, or 1 or 2 sides, all at different prices. so if you’d rather not order any, you don’t have to pay for them!

I pretty much knew what I would order before I got there, because I’d already spoken to the permanent restaurant about GF options. but I was relieved and impressed that the people running the seasonal location were also well-informed.

for instance, they make their own root beer. and I asked if they knew whether it was gluten-free. I figured it was a shot in the dark, and that they likely wouldn’t have any idea. but sure enough, they were prepared for my question, and it was in fact GF! it was REALLY good!! and it was fun to be able to order a half gallon container of it to share or bring home. they also have root beer floats that I noticed later, which is a fun summer treat. yum!