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Original Pancake House, Maple Grove February 26, 2015

I didn’t realize at first that the Original Pancake House in Maple Grove is separate from the Original Pancake Houses in Roseville, Edina, and Eden Prairie. it’s unclear as to their connection or former connection.

but what I do know is that the food is just as good, and the menu very similar. the regular menu has a symbol designation for the pancakes, french toast, waffles, and crepes that can be made gluten free. pancake options include buttermilk, blueberry, strawberry, banana, Hawaiian, pumpkin, cranberry walnut, Georgia pecan, coconut, chocolate chip, bacon, peanut butter, and pigs in a blanket. very extensive! waffles have many of the same topping offerings. and crepes add a few new ones: cherry kijafa, mandarin orange, and a couple of fruit crepes with sour cream and liqueur.

not all the sides are labelled as to whether they’re gluten free or not: the sausage links and eggs are marked gluten free, but if you’re wondering about something not marked, the waiter/ waitress should know. I was quite worried at first, but the hash browns were gluten free. whew. that was really important for me 🙂 I didn’t ask about the bacon, but will next time. also, I’m guessing that the omelettes are gluten free, but you’d have to ask on that as well.

and like the other OPHs in town, they take call-aheads to get on the waiting list. and while the other OPHs still make you sit and wait for half your waiting time in the lobby, the Maple Grove OPH allows you to call ahead without being forced to wait for any of it in person, which is very nice! but plan accordingly. with such wild fluxes in waiting times on weekends, depending when you go, it’s always prudent to call ahead to find out when you’ll be expected to get a table before telling the rest of your party when to meet you there. in peak times, 90 minutes of wait time is quite common.

the food is amazing though, with a ridiculous amount of options! and since the Maple Grove OPH doesn’t require you to wait any of it in person, I think it may be my new favorite pancake house. I’m not a huge breakfast person, and didn’t find the urge to check out any of these pancake houses for years. when I was finally persuaded to go once, I was immediately sold. check one out if you haven’t already, just so you find out what you’re missing out on!


Original Pancake House September 25, 2014

I love Pizza Luce’s brunches (and bloody marys) so much so that I procrastinated on trying the Original Pancake House for quite some time. but now that I’ve been there, difficult decisions must be made every time I go for breakfast/ brunch! both are completely amazing.

the first time I went to the OPH, I went to the Edina location. thankfully a friend told me to call ahead and get on the wait list. this doesn’t get you a table when you arrive, but it does get you on a shorter one. one time I called ahead and there was no wait, but I still asked to be on the call-ahead list, and it was an hour-long wait for walk-ins by the time I got there 15 minutes later! be sure to call a good half an hour before you plan to arrive, to be safe.

I was amazed at the huge gluten free menu that they carry~ they are very thorough in providing TONS of options!! we’re talking pancakes, waffles, crepes, french toast, and omelets. all have tons of options for toppings, add-ins, and syrups, as well as several choices on pancake sizes: normal, the short stack (plenty for one person!), the dollar-pancake size, and junior/ senior meal plate sizes. sides include hashbrowns, eggs, and options on bacons and sausages. and don’t worry, even with incredibly reasonable prices, they said that they run through the options to optimize the deals for you.

on my first trip, I tried my an old favorite of mine, GF pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream (it was amazing!) and sampled of my friend’s GF pancakes with chocolate chips (also good, but would be too sweet for me to eat a full plate of). we also had a side of hashbrowns. I love potatoes, so I was very hesitant to share an order, but I was sure glad that I did! they fill a side plate, and are about one inch high. the hashbrowns alone elevated OPH towards the top of my restaurant list 🙂

the next time I went, I went with a larger group of family, this time to the Roseville location (a much bigger location, it felt like). we all ordered gluten free so that we could all sample everything, which was an amazing feast! we had banana pancakes (and ordered the decadent caramel topping for them, which tastes like caramel rolls), the blueberry pancakes, a rather boring-in-comparison waffle that came with some fun syrups (not that we couldn’t have ordered a more fun waffle…), and another order of strawberry pancakes. we got a plate filled with all kinds of little syrup containers. one surprising crowd-pleaser was a citrus syrup. no one thought they’d like it, but loved it once they tried it. and of course we got more hashbrowns too 🙂 a must!

next time I’d really love to try a crepe, as it’s been a very long time since I’ve had one, and I love french toast too. there are just too many options to decide! hopefully I’ll be able to sample a whole batch of new things though, that feast was definitely the way to go~ and I don’t think they charged extra for gluten free, nor were the options limited that much. so the gluten-eaters were completely happy getting gluten free, luckily for me!

there are several locations: Eden Prairie, Edina, Plymouth, Roseville (Maple Grove’s Original Pancake House is a different restaurant, which I’ll write about shortly)


Original Pancake House: more GF options! May 20, 2011

in case you haven’t heard yet, the Original Pancake House has a newly expanded gluten-free menu!

they have lots of different varieties of pancakes (ranging from different fruit varieties like strawberry, blueberry, or banana, to pecan, coconut, chocolate chip and bacon). the pancakes they’ve had for awhile now, but now they’ve added a similar variety of waffles now as well! they also have french toast (but I’m told that they’re having some discussion as to how that will be handled right now, so maybe wait a couple of weeks to order that). they also have crepes, omelettes, and the usual variety of side dishes (bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns).

if you have dairy allergies, none of the “batter” options (pancakes, waffles, crepes, or french toast) are dairy free. the butter they use is clarified butter (casein is removed), but there’s still milk or milk powder in the batters, so that doesn’t help much. I would think that the omelettes could be dairy-free, but I didn’t inquire. of course most of the sides could be dairy-free though.

the Edina and Eden Prairie locations have these gluten-free options.


General Mills: New Gluten-Free Products April 30, 2010

more gluten-free options are on their way!! as you may have already heard, General Mills will be rolling out some new gluten-free products at the annual CDF conference in Los Angeles on May 15th, 2010, which will be available in stores later this year.

first, they’ve made 3 varieties of gluten-free Hamburger Helper, which will be available mid-July. the three flavors are chicken fried rice, beef fried rice, and cheesy hashbrowns.

they’ve also developed a gluten-free Bisquick, for pancakes and baking. this will be available in stores in the fall.

just make sure you check each box you buy to make sure it’s labeled gluten-free…

thanks to General Mills, for continuing to expand their gluten-free product line~ especially since they’re almost as widely available as their regular (gluten-containing) counter-parts! it’s great to have our diet/lifestyle become more “normalized” through mainstream companies, which also helps to bring costs down. I’m sure that newly diagnosed celiacs, those with busy schedules, as well as those away from home, will find the convenience of these products to be especially helpful!