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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Stella’s Fish Cafe July 10, 2015

I always loved going to Stella’s, back when I was gluten free (particularly their rooftop area). but I hadn’t attempted it for many years, after my diagnosis. I just revisited it this week, and was blown away by all of the great gluten free options!! I figured there would be plenty of plain fish options, if nothing else. but the two-paged gluten free menu went well beyond that. it offered lobster bisque, which is a rarity to find gluten free. it also offered lobster rolls (on Udi’s buns), which I’d never heard of until after I’d been diagnosed, and have always wondered how they tasted..). they also offered a hot crab & spinach dip (with chips not fried there, if you order the GF version), which I definitely can’t wait to go back and try! and then many, many more items. I don’t personally enjoy sushi and sashimi, but there were plenty of those offered gluten free as well. another item that popped out at me, for my list to try later, was the stuffed salmon (stuffed with crab meat, shrimp, and brie). and don’t even get me started on the sides.. the loaded hashbrowns were delicious, and unfortunately I didn’t have room for the mashed potatoes, which were loaded with sour cream, chives, and garlic butter. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it!


Day Block January 15, 2015

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This is one of the most unlikely places I thought I’d find a gluten free menu. however, since friends of mine wanted to go, so I called ahead to check. and sure enough, they have a small gluten-free menu!

The reason I say that it was a longshot is because Day Block is one of the local breweries in town. and not the gluten free kind (as Burning Bros is in St Paul). but they do offer ciders and wine, if you want to drink something alcoholic while you’re there (which is more than I can say for a lot of the local breweries).

and as for their gluten free items, the main attraction is the pizza. although they offer a gluten free crust, it’s cooked in the same oven as the regular pizzas. it is on a separate pan, but then shares a pizza cutter. so if you’re not too concerned about the shared oven, I’d suggest getting one uncut, and just cut it with a knife and fork at you table, as you would in Europe.

they have bacon flights, and pickle flights. sometimes there are gluten-containing varieties (the soy sauce glaze on the pickles is out), so check with your server when you go to see if you can have them with the current menus of these (they sound like they change pretty frequently).

other options are the pulled pork sandwich, sans bun. or the caesar salad sans croutons. and there may be more items, depending on the current menu. so be sure to ask each time you go.

Breweries are about the last place I’d expect to find a gluten free menu, so I find it very thoughtful that they offer all of these fun items.


Falafel King April 30, 2014

I checked out Falafel King recently, because they opened a rather new location near Lake Calhoun that I was interested in.

I love gyros, even if I can’t have the pita bread. although it turned out that the gyro meat was one of the only things that DOES have gluten in it (bread crumbs). upon recommendation of the manager, I ventured out and tried a lamb dish called Kofta. and it was really good! it came with a little tomato and cucumber salad (one of my favorites!) and it was only $1 extra for yellow rice on the side. the Kofta was like uncased sausages. I’m not particularly a fan of sausages or lamb, but this was really tasty. I’d definitely order it again.

the chicken shawirma and/or lamb shawirma are next on my list, also per his recommendation. it’s sliced pieces of chicken or lamb with garlic tahini sauce. tsaziki sauce can be substituted if you prefer it.

other things that are gluten free are the hummus, salads (no croutons or bread, of course), the baba ganouje, and I think the kabobs. make sure to stay away from the tabouli and spinach pie though, and all of the obvious breaded items.

I was told via email that the Falafel was gluten free as well. I don’t know much about falafels, but I thought that they were deep-fried, in which case it’s likely in the same fryer as the onion rings, chicken tenders, and cheese curds… so please check that out before ordering them.

they were very knowledgeable at the restaurant, as they make most of the items there. I will probably ask for the rundown each time I go for the first few visits still, as I usually do, before I’m sure that I have accurate information (sometimes different people tell you different things).

also, a quick note that they have breakfast items as well, which look largely gluten free!

it’s nice to have more quick food options that are gluten free! especially something a little different from the norm!


Butcher and the Boar November 18, 2013


the pork chop

the pork chop


I just went to Butcher and the Boar this week, and had one of the best meals I’ve ever had!

I wasn’t too sure how much I’d like it, as I’m not a huge sausage and meat eater. but I’d heard great things about the place, including that it was a James Beard semifinalist for Best New Restaurant. and after finally trying it, I loved it!!

the long rib

the long rib 

we tried so many things, it was great. and there were only very few items that I couldn’t have, out of all that we ordered (the appetizer crackers, one of the sausages, and the french fries). and a few things had to be slightly amended~ taking tortilla strips off of a couple of plates, for instance. so there is plenty to choose from, just ask when you get there.

we started with a plate of accoutrements, which included a homemade braunschweiger (hard to eat without the crackers though), a really tasty rooster item that looked like tuna salad to me~ it had the faintest hint of cinnamon in it, though it was not a sweet dish, and the homemade pickles were really good. I wasn’t daring enough to try the pickled shrimp. then we had a plate of three different sausages, two of them spicy. and I loved all three!

and then for the main dish, it was really hard to decide what to order.. there was some maple-glazed chicken (I think they said that this was a full chicken that they serve!), a gigantic pork chop that was like 4-6 inches high, and the long rib, which is what I ultimately chose. it was one rib, with I think they said 16 ounces of meat on it!! and it was amazing.

then we had side dishes galore… the biggest shocker was that the corn bread is gluten free!! and delicious. the mashed potatoes were mixed with sour cream (amazing), as were the grits. out of the red hot brussel sprouts, the caramelized broccoli, and the blackened cauliflower, I’d have to say that the broccoli was my favorite.

the online menu is pretty small, but the one you actually get at the restaurant is much more robust.

I can’t say enough good things about Butcher and the Boar, not only was the food good, but so was the atmosphere, and the people working there seemed to really love it as well. it’s definitely on the pricier side, perfect for special occasions or a night on the town. but I’m just trying to figure out when I can get there again!


Sunshine Factory August 2, 2011

the Sunshine Factory is one of the only restaurants that I know of in New Hope that has a gluten free menu. in fact, it’s a really nice and detailed GF menu, because the chef added notes for servers on it~ about how they need to submit the order, how to prepare the items, and why it needs to be done that way. so you can follow up with them with exactly what they need to do.

menu items available gluten free include sirloin steak, broiled walleye, chicken, and salads.


Champps Americana July 6, 2011

I was at Champps over the weekend, and found out that they have a new gluten-free menu! they’ve only had it for about a month, according to our waitress, so I asked a lot of questions to make sure they were preparing my food properly. all went well though, and they were extremely careful for me.

chicken satays were the only appetizers available, but it’s nice to have any choices! especially if you’re just going out for a drink.(after all, it is a sports bar!)

they had a lot of bun-less burger options, and all of the sandwiches can be made gluten free by omitting the bun as well.  but feel free to bring your own slice of bread if you want to make it a proper sandwich!

as is typical, there are a few salad and salad dressings that are gluten free.

as for the other entrees, options such as steak, ribs, salmon, and balsamic chicken are all gluten free.

the fries are of course off limits, as are the homemade chips. but there are a surprising amount of gluten free sides available, like coleslaw, cottage cheese, potato salad, mashed potatoes, veggies, and fruit, but you may have to pay extra for some of those.

although the gluten free menu is relatively new there, they seem to take it seriously. it’s great to see more restaurant options all the time!


Spasso March 23, 2011

I’ve heard many great things about Spasso in Minnetonka. located next to Lakewinds Minnetonka, Spasso is spacious and has a great atmosphere inside.

the menu is marked with the items that are gluten-free. there are some apps/sides, including scallops and olives, and of course some salad options. but most of the gluten-free menu consists of seafood and steaks. they have salmon, risotto, short ribs, pork chops, a variety of steaks, and prime rib.

an interesting item is the vegetarian lasagna, which is marked as being gluten-free. I’m assuming that means that it’s a noodle-less lasagna, using the eggplant and zucchini for layering instead. they also have gluten-free pizzas! none of the burgers were marked as gluten-free~ I meant to ask but forgot. there’s a chance they may be gluten-free if you forgo the bun. so keep that in mind to ask if you’re interested.

the food is really delicious. when I ate there, after much debate about the short ribs, I decided to try the nightly special: tilapia and potato/ leek risotto. the tilapia was cooked perfectly~ it was very delicate. and while I was disappointed at first that the the potato/ leek risotto didn’t actually contain rice (the potato was the risotto), it was one of the best flavors I’ve tasted. I ended up only being disappointed that I didn’t get more of it! my friends (non-celiacs) enjoyed their dishes as much as I enjoyed mine, which explains why I’ve heard great things about Spasso from many different groups of people. it’s a perfect place for a night on the town or a special dinner.

the happy hour is from 3-6 if you’re interested, with $3 house wines and $2 off pizzas (which basically covers the surcharge for the gf crust).