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JD Hoyts February 12, 2015

this old-school steakhouse is a bit of an enigma to me~ it’s a really nice place, with it’s style quaintly trapped in a bygone era, located in a bit of a dodgy area downtown (they offer valet). and given all of that, it’s unexpected that beyond the usual steakhouse fare, they seem to have a love of cajun and Jamaican seasonings and food. it’s very unique, which actually makes it fit right in with all the other oddball places nearby in Northeast Minneapolis~ Nye’s Polynaise Room (R.I.P.), Gasthof’s, etc.

so basically, I wasn’t sure what to expect. but I was very pleasantly surprised! steakhouses generally have plenty of gluten free options, given they mostly serve meat and veggies. but JD Hoyt’s has a lot of fun extras thrown in.

first of all, all of the seasonings and spices are gluten free. so if you want the cajun version of anything, it’s probably fine. (obviously check everything out with your server when ordering). they have several apps that are ok~ there’s something called a Buddy Bowl, which is sort of like a jambalaya: rice, beans, peppers and onions, creole sauce, cheese, and some optional seafood mix-ins. they also have “pig wings” which is a shank that’s grilled and covered in BBQ sauce. and there are maybe a few more apps available gluten free.

then I was delighted to find that they offer a gluten free bun for their burgers and sandwiches! it’s such a nice touch, especially since they already have so many options for us. as with everything, the burgers are available with cajun or Jamaican seasonings 🙂 they also have pork chop sandwiches, prime rib sandwiches, Kobi beef burgers, etc in addition to the basic burger.

and in a surprising twist, they also offer gluten free noodles!! this is above and beyond, given that they only offer one pasta dish (you guessed it, cajun pasta!)

most of the entrees are gluten free as well: pork chops, steaks, seafood, chicken. they have lots of fun toppings offered, and are really flexible if you want anything else requested. (be sure to tell them of you allergy, so you don’t accidentally get an onion ring on your steak, or any other unforeseen gluten accompaniments). the entrees all come with a surprisingly large amount of veggies on the plate. so it’s enough to just get an entree… but why do that when they have the most amazing sides?!

the side dishes were my favorite part of the whole meal! most of them were gluten free. and they come in 3 sizes, from a little cup to a huge plateful. I always love a good hashbrown or mashed potatoes (really any potatoes, I’m from the Midwest, after all!) and they of course have a few more veggies to choose from, if you didn’t get enough from the generous heaping on your plate. but the real highlight was the lobster risotto!! I wish that I lived or worked nearby, so I could pick some up regularly! it was so delicious, perfectly cooked pieces of lobster, and possibly mixed with cheese. it was amazing. definitely a must-try!

don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s a steakhouse, it’s too pricey. if you want to stay on the thriftier side, you could still eat here quite reasonably, as so many things are a la carte. I’d go there for the risotto alone, but the burgers and sandwiches are also very reasonable.

as you can tell, I really enjoyed eating here, and will hopefully make it back there (very) soon.


recipe: risotto September 14, 2012

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this is my favorite recipe for risotto, which I adapt each time I make it, for what I have on hand.



olive oil

1 yellow onion

1  1/4 cups arborio rice (Trader Joes brand is great, because it’s almost exaclty half a box)

1  1/4 cups dry white wine (again, I use Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw sauvignon blanc wine, which is only $3 a bottle)

3 1/3 cups chicken or vegetable stock (this time, Trader Joe’s is a little too thick for me, so I go with Whole Foods’ brand)

salt and pepper

basil (about 15-20 leaves)



one large or 2 small chicken breasts

2 Tbl additional fresh herbs (parsley, oregano, etc: whatever you have on hand that sounds good!)

vegetables of your choice



for chicken risotto: bake chicken breasts at 350 degrees while you start on the rest

in a frying pan, start cooking the onion in olive oil

when the onion becomes clear, add half of each herb that you’re using, and then add the arborio rice for a minute or so, so that each grain is coated with oil

then add the white wine slowly (add a portion of it 2-3 times, adding more when the previous amount has been mostly soaked up)

after the rice has soaked up the wine, add in the broth slowly (in another 3-4 portions)

when the chicken is done baking, cut into cubes and add to the risotto. if you want to add any vegetables, I’d prepare them separately and then add at the end as well.

add the salt and pepper, and then top with the remaining herbs

I like to let it sit for 15-30 minutes before eating, because it gets better as the flavors meld, but you can eat immediately if you wish. and don’t forget to drink the extra wine!