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Bittersweet Bakery March 16, 2010

Bittersweet Bakery is my favorite gluten free bakery in the Minneapolis/ St Paul metro! it’s a completely gluten-free, dedicated bakery, with many of their items marked as dairy-free as well. and they’re the most reasonably priced gluten free bakeries that I’ve come across~ the portions are normal sizes, and the prices aren’t much more than their gluten-containing counterparts available elsewhere, which is impressive to do while baking gluten-free!

it’s located in Eagan, between I-35E and hwy 77 on Cliff Road, so it’s a straight shot from and not too far south of the Mall of America. (if you’re not from the area, and make the trip, you could make an afternoon of it by visiting the bakery, and then heading further south on hwy 77 to the Red Robin in Apple Valley (eventually on the left in the same lot as the movie theater).

I absolutely love their cakes/ cupcakes~ they usually keep their chocolate cupcakes on hand in the freezer, so if you want the white ones or any other flavor, you have to order them ahead, for at least a half dozen. most of the cakes/ cupcakes (including the white and chocolate) are dairy-free as well, as are their white and chocolate frostings. and for cakes, they have a ton of sizes and shapes available. sometimes people will even have a small gluten-free side cake made for their wedding~ they’re very flexible. and if you need a cake in a pinch, I think they sometimes keep little square chocolate cakes with white frosting on hand.

they also have a wide variety of cookies and muffins (the chocolate cherry is unbelievable). they also have various bars (if you want the pumpkin bar with dairy-free frosting, again you need to call ahead. and of course they make a few different breads (Crumb Deli uses one of Bittersweet’s breads for their GF sandwiches).

they make their own pizza crusts, which are used in various restaurants across the metro. unlike Cooqi’s pizza crusts, Bittersweet’s do contain dairy. one of the unique things they do (for the gluten-free world) is going one step further and making take-n-bake pizzas! I’m pretty sure they offer both cheese and pepperoni, and perhaps more.

if you want to order their products, but find that Eagan is too far to drive, many of the co-ops around town sell their muffins, cookies, pizza crusts, and breads. and now there’s a huge selection of their products at Coborn’s Delivers (the local grocery store that makes deliveries) for the Twin Cities and St Cloud metro areas.

I just ordered Bittersweet’s banana bread from Coborn’s and was amazed at how good it tasted. I have a really good gluten-free banana bread recipe of my own, so I never bothered to try Bittersweet’s before. but it was so light and airy! I immediately ordered more 🙂

that’s how I feel about most of their products~ very light and airy (and moist!), and I would contend that it would be difficult for a “normal” person to figure out that it’s gluten-free unless they were told.


2 Responses to “Bittersweet Bakery”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Do you have any numbers that I can call for baked goods like cakes, muffins, breads etc.
    I am from the St Cloud area.
    Thank you

    • rebeccagf Says:

      you can order goodies from Bittersweet Bakery via Coborns Delivers, which delivers to the St Cloud area. also, Bittersweet will often let you order something specialized to send to you via Coborns if you ask.

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